Israel Through a Feminist Lens 2018: Speakers, Roles + their Organizations

Panel at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, "Women Trailblazers: Leaving their mark on Israeli law."
Front left to right: 

  • Estee Rieder-Indursky, ultra-Orthodox feminist and leader of Nivcharot - a non-profit organization fighting for a greater political role for women in Haredi life.

  • Maha Shehadeh, a lawyer inTaachi- Maaki- Women Lawyers for Social Justice

  • Dr. Galit Shaul, CEO of the Rackman Center, which is at the forefront of advocating changes for women in family law

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Top 10 ideas for Professionals of Jewish Women’s Funds

1.     Leverage a relationship with Federation and utilize one of the strategies presented at session

2.     Call a peer and ask for support on one of the goals you created around increased assets (human capital, financial capital, professional development, political/social capital)

3.     Review with Board Chair a sample 360 form and ideas of people to conduct review of your work for a review process of your leadership

4.     Prepare benchmark data sets for a performance review  (# of ‘donors’, amount of gifts, # of engagement opportunities in person and virally, # of stakeholder conversations, etc.)

5.     Formalize an evaluation process and timeline for staff and Board (utilize samples provided by Imagine Philanthropy for amending)

6.     Consider reading core values at start of meetings (if you don’t have, ask a peer to share theirs).  Read Brandraising by Sarah Durham to understand the interplay of values in fundraising. 

7.     Start a meeting with a story from a Trustee either about her experiences as a women, her story or connection to the fund, ortalking about a social change shift and its intersection with your work

8.     Review your bio/introduction and weave in social change and/or values of leadership language

9.     Invite yourself to look at one other web site to read another way to present the how and the whythe work (Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, Women’s Fund of Central Indiana, Women’s Fund of Mississippi)

10.  Read the “Daring Greatly” Leadership Manifesto by Brene Brown or watch one of the videos suggested by Imagine Philanthropy in the summary documen