Jewish Women Leaders in the News

For those of you who fund to nurture Jewish women’s leadership and/or immigration/refugee issues, I recommend you research Rebecca (Becca) Heller, the Director and Co-Founder of the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP; formerly Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project) at the Urban Justice Center, the first organization to provide comprehensive legal representation to refugees in the registration, protection, and resettlement processes. IRAP works to create enforceable legal and human rights on behalf of one of the world’s most vulnerable populations.  Becca was awarded the prestigious Charles Bronfman Prize in 2016.

Becca turned out 1600 lawyers in emergency response when President Trump first tried the travel ban; and subsequently is the person who bought the case to the 4th Circuit.

Since IRAP's founding, this visionary organization has become a world leader in the treatment and resettlement of the world's most vulnerable refugees and displaced persons. Its representation relies on a cadre of volunteers--1,200 students from 29 law schools in the United States and Canada and over 700 pro bono attorneys from 75 international law firms and multinational corporations--assisting thousands of refugees on urgent registration, protection, and resettlement cases. IRAP has helped to resettle over 3,600 refugees and displaced persons to 18 different countries, and provided legal assistance through its online advice hotline to more than 20,000 individuals from 55 different countries. IRAP has played a leadership role in enacting eight pieces of Congressional legislation, changing the lives of more than 160,100 individuals.